Friday, May 25, 2012

Drawings: a window to the sub-conscious

Hello reader,

I have attended a course on analyzing drawings and would like to get to analyse drawings of people.
The drawing can be on of the following topics:
1. A person(one who is drawing) plucking a fruit from a tree.
2. A person(one who is drawing) outside when it is raining
3. A person(one who is drawing) as a 5 year old with family.
4. A person(one who is drawing) currently with family.
 I would like readers interested in getting their drawings analysed to send a scan copy of their drawings to my id :

How to draw:
Please choose between big sized, medium sized and small sized papers and please mention the size when sending the drawing.
Please choose your medium and also mention about. In case you just draw with a pencil/ball point pen but would have like to work with crayons or other colors please do mention it.
 Please do the entire drawing on your own because it is about your subconcious mind.
 The drawings are for analysis and not for a competition, so please do not concern with the look and correctness of drawings.
 There will be complete privacy, your drawings shall not be published on this blog.
 Please mention your age and gender and also where you live, and homecountry/hometown in case of migration. Real name is optional but knowing ethnicity helps.
 Some details without getting too personal would help, but it is optional.

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