Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tarot and Healing with Art for Empaths

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Are you tired of all your relationships? Is there lack of reciprocity in your interpersonal relationships?
Do you find yourself ending up with narcissist friends or girlfriend/boyfriend?
Are people around you negative but project the negativity as yours?
Are you labelled as sensitive? Or hypersensitive?
Have no one to talk to or no one who would understand?
Do you find work environment harsh or coworkers toxic?
Has all of these taken toll on your health and making normal life difficult for you?
Only Tarot training or only Healing with art is available too but I would recommend to take up both. Art is needed for healing and Tarot to develop your gifts as an empath(do not let them go waste!)
Use tarot to communicate with. Make it your best friend and confidante. Use tarot to prevent yourself from falling into any kind of energy draining or narcissistic association.
Use Art to heal yourself of all the negativity you have absorbed. Use Art to release you from Pain and Darkness.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

6 impossible things before breakfast

If you have not read Alice Through the Looking Glass I would highly recommend you to read it.

I have used the classic illustration of John Tenniel as reference here